Our Services

We provide one-stop funeral services for buddhist, taoist, free-thinkers and all other religions to provide burial, cremation services, after-life services and pre-funeral arrangement with no extra cost from $1,388 only.

Why Destiny?

Delivering excellent service with care, compassion and dignity

We believe in providing the best service solution with our team of compassionate funeral directors that is experienced and equipped with everything you need to plan a funeral service with a personal and meaningful touch. We offer a range of funeral services to cater to the needs and budgets of different families from different cultures and religions. Our comprehensive funeral packages from Buddhist to Catholic, Christian, Soka Gakkai and Taoist are available and customized for your needs. 


What do we provide?

Buddhist Funeral

With years of experience as undertakers over the years, we have successfully held many Buddhist Funerals.

Catholic Funeral

Catholic funeral rites usually begin with a vigil of prayer the day before a Mass. During this time, those in attendance will offer prayers and condolences to the family and readings, reflections, eulogies, singing and poetry readings may also be offered during the vigil.

Christian Funeral

The Christian funeral has a purpose to help the deceased’s soul enter into Heaven while offering comfort and support for mourners. Common rites include, but are not limited to an eulogy, prayers, bible readings and the rite of committal. 

Soka Funeral

Soka Gakkai funerals are simple services that are focused on the chanting of the daimoku with the aim to cultivate and convey sympathy for the deceased. 

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Taoist Funeral

Taoist funeral rituals revolve around the principles of teaching the living to value filial piety while assisting the deceased to repent on the sins committed during their lives and help them have a smoother journey into their next life.

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Free-Thinker Funeral

For families and individuals without religious conformity, we offer both simple or comprehensive non-Religious (Free Thinker) funeral solutions.

A one-stop guide to all funeral related needs – from preparation of funeral, funeral knowledge to grief support. Our funeral directors are passionate to guide your family during this difficult time. Packages prices could be customized for clients to cater to only what is need.


We keep all key informations available, and provide clarity and guidance on what needs to be done or to expect.

Embalming & Dressing

Our embalming team is professionally certified and works with the aim of ensuring your beloved one looks as beautiful during their last journey using the latest tools available.

Prayer Services

Committed to providing families with a peace of mind, we have included afterlife prayers as an extensive feature during this most difficult time


Ground Services

Inclusive of manpower transportation. You can rely on us to help you with plan together. We will be able to guide you along the way if you need advice.


We believe and sincerely want to help create a meaningful and memorable farewell for your loved one with the perfect funeral and bereavement ceremony to pay tribute to.

We will provide quality customized services at an affordable cost so that the grieving families have one lesser thing to worry about as they heal from their loss.

We only provide what is needed and best for our clients.