A funeral or bereavement ceremony is a necessary process in grieving and healing that provides the essential first step for the families and individuals to truly learn to accept a new reality that can often be difficult in the beginning after losing a loved one.

You can rely on us to plan out a simple or elaborate funeral service set up for your loved one

Buddhist Funeral Package

We offer Buddhist Packages with options for 3 days funeral and a choice for simple or standard setups. Click the below button for more details:


Catholic Funeral Package

Catholic funeral rites usually begin with a vigil of prayer the day before a Mass. During this time, those in attendance will offer prayers and condolences to the family and readings, reflections, eulogies, singing and poetry readings may also be offered during the vigil.


Christian Funeral Package

The Christian funeral has a purpose to help the deceased’s soul enter into Heaven while offering comfort and support for mourners. Common rites include, but are not limited to an eulogy, prayers, bible readings and the rite of committal. 


Soka Funeral Package

Soka Gakkai funerals are simple services that are focused on the chanting of the daimoku with the aim to cultivate and convey sympathy for the deceased. 


Taoist Funeral Package

We offer different Taoist funeral service requirements catered to the different dialect groups will base on their customs and traditions. We provide a package suitable for the needs of most Singapore Taoist families.

Free-thinker Funeral Package

For families and individuals without religious conformity, we offer both simple or comprehensive non-Religious (Free Thinker) funeral solutions.

One-Stop Funeral Services

We provide a wide array of funeral solutions no matter your racial or religious background. Whether yours is a Buddhist funeral, Taoist funeral and Free-thinker, our funeral service packages contain the essentials and proper arrangement to carry out a dignified funeral accordingly. We also provide services such as funeral supplies and religious supplies so you can give your loved one a proper send-off.